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Virtual Recruiter job postings will help you find the right IT or Finance/Accounting candidates — GUARANTEED!

A fast, easy and cost-effective job posting and hiring solution, Virtual Recruiter is the perfect way to attract and identify the right candidates for your business.

Here’s how simple it is to advertise job openings and find the people you need:

  1. You write your job listing.
  2. 9 out of 10 clients who try Virtual Recruiter successfully hire one of our recommended candidatesVirtual Recruiter posts your listing online to the best specialty and high-traffic job boards, including Eagle’s job board.
  3. A trained recruitment specialist (not a software application!) collects and reviews all the resumes submitted from the job posting and identifies the best candidates.
  4. All resumes are returned to you in an easy-to-navigate electronic file with the best candidates short-listed, saving you both time and money.

Yes, it’s as simple as that! And you can hire as many people as you want from that list for one low price. Read more about the benefits of Virtual Recruiter here.

This is one of the best online recruitment methods we’ve come across. Virtual Recruiter delivered many great resumes and their short-listed selection matched exactly what we wanted. Virtual Recruiter helped us hire a new employee faster and easier than we ever have before.
- HR Manager for Financial Analytics firm


Are you tired of losing time and money by having to search through dozens — even hundreds — of resumes that fail to give you the candidates you need? Does it seem that your job postings aren’t being seen by the right people? It’s time to put Virtual Recruiter to work for you.

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Risk-free. Worry-free. Guaranteed
If Virtual Recruiter doesn't produce the high-quality resumés you need, we'll repost your job at no additional charge. No small print -- just great results.

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