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3 Attributes to Get a Job … Experience, Skills and Attitude!

I recently blogged about the Job of Finding Work … which is a brief guide for those out hunting their next role.

There are however a class of unemployed that, for many reasons, become a little desperate.  They may have been unemployed for some time, their financial situation is dire, there is a lot of unemployment in their area, perhaps a big employer shut down or laid off so there is a lot of competition for jobs.

Here is some advice for you … there are basically three things you bring to a new employer … skills, experience and attitude.

You can’t do much about your experience, but you can do a couple of things.  (i)  add to your experience through charitable/volunteer work; (ii) put your experience in its best light highlighting how it can benefit an employer.

In order to get a job you need to stand out from the other candidates … remember it doesn’t matter how many people are looking for a job, you only need one!  You CAN differentiate based on skills AND most definitely on attitude!


What can you do to add to your skills?  Can you take some courses?  Can you get an unpaid job (intern) that gives you new skills?  Can you do some self-learning online?  If your skills are too generic can you consider going back to school and starting a new career?


This is THE number one way to differentiate from everyone else … but to truly take advantage of it you need to really BUY IN to your new attitude.  It is not enough to  say the words, you need to live and breathe it.

Recognise that your job is an important part of your world so be truly grateful that you have it …no matter what the job is!

Do EVERYTHING you can to be GREAT at your job.  If you sweep floors, then do it better than everyone else and with a smile on your face!!!

NEVER, EVER use the words … “that’s not my job”!  If you are asked to do it then just do it … and ask if thee is anything else you can do!!!

Dress for success … take pride in yourself.  Take your cues from those around you but always try to dress at the upper range of your peers … if you are a janitor, then clean coveralls, a little polish on the boots, a tidy appearance will go a long way to establishing what you what the world to see.

Don’t watch the clock … putting in a little extra time when its needed can make a huge impression.

Adopt a positive attitude … you have a job, your health, live in a great country etc.  Don’t get dragged down by negativity.

The world is full of people that expect the world to cater to them … they expected their parents to give them “stuff”, they expect their government to provide them with “stuff”, they expect their employer to pay them while they give as little as possible back!   YOU can beat them to the jobs every time, IF you can demonstrate a positive ATTITUDE.

Nobody said it was easy … but REALLY, it isn’t THAT hard to be a positive person!!!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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