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A Customer Service Attitude

Here are some thoughts on the subject of Customer Service …

1.  Your External Customers pay the bills … without them you don’t exist!

2.  Your Internal Customers are also important … your sales team bring in business, your recruiters supply the “product”, your back office look after the money, your admin team keep the ship going, your proposal team works hard to get professional submissions in under tight deadlines, your marketing team show your brand to the world etc. etc. … it takes a WHOLE team to be successful!

3.  Sometimes we forget we have internal customers … EVERYONE in your company is your customer!

4.  Sometimes we think we are too important to treat others like our customer.

5.  If you treat EVERYONE like a customer (internal or external) you WILL get better results!

6.  If you really want to get under my skin, utter the words, “Its NOT my job!”.

7.  Just because I am the CEO it doesn’t mean I can’t help out where I can.

8.  If I am the office administrator and up to my ears in work should I be the one organising lunch, or could someone with a few minutes on their hands do it … could they treat ME like their customer no matter my position?

9.  How cool would it be if everyone in your office was thoughtful, pulled their weight and helped out where they could … everyone treating everyone like their customer?

10.  Teams are made up of all kinds of skills, those skills are  rewarded in different ways based on experience, qualifications, productivity, status etc.  The members of GREAT teams look out for each other regardless of status … they treat each other like customers!

Kevin Dee is CEO of Eagle (a Professional Staffing Company)
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