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Code of Ethics

Integrity has been a key piece of Eagle’s Core Values since day one and we make sure it encompasses everything we do. We uphold the ethical standards set forth by the Recruitment Industry, as well as our own moral standards to bring exceptional service for companies looking to hire, a positive job search experience for job seekers, and a desirable work environment for employees.

Eagle was one of the first staffing agencies in Canada to implement a Code of Ethics which guides us in every decision we make:

At Eagle, we pledge to:

Be open and honest in everything we do.
We believe this to be the most critical component of a long-term relationship.

Respect for all clients, candidates, and competitors
Demonstrate respect for everyone.
We will treat people – including clients, candidates and competitors – as we would have them treat us.

Understanding placement and career needs
Be sensitive to our clients’ and candidates’ needs.
We will seek to understand their requirements completely before proposing a solution and we will always treat candidates’ and clients’ time like the precious commodity it is.

Protect the confidentiality of our clients and candidates
We will never disclose private information nor will we ever present a résumé without the expressed permission of the candidate.