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Giving Back

Every company has a duty to be a responsible corporate citizen and take care of their communities, socially and environmentally. Eagle is committed to giving back to our neighbours in every city we do business across Canada and these principles are integrated into our culture. Building stronger communities where we operate is more than just a company obligation; it’s a value shared by our entire team.

Helping Communities

Since we opened our doors in 1996, Eagle has worked with numerous charitable organizations across the country. This has earned us a reputation in the industry as a company that understands the importance of giving back. In fact, Eagle was recognized multiple times by the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) with the industry’s Community Involvement Award. Some recent examples of our community support include:

  • Company-wide United Way campaign that generates $30,000 per year;

  • Annual holiday card pledging $15,000 to various charities across Canada, as selected by our clients and contractors

  • Support for various community events, including presenting sponsor the Young Authors’ and Illustrators’ Conference in Ottawa and the Fight to End Cancer in Toronto

More than Money

Money is an important resource for all charitable organizations, but often volunteers are especially scarce and hard to find. Eagle encourages all of our staff to give a more precious commodity — their time. This commitment starts at the top, where members of Eagle’s Executive Team sit on various non-profit committees. Every employee is also provided with a Volunteer Day, where they receive a paid day off each year to volunteer with any charity of their choice. Many employees not only use their Volunteer Day to give time to a non-profit organization but also commit to their selected organization year-round.

Helping the Environment

Eagle is an environmentally conscious business, continuously evaluating our processes and strategies to find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Given the nature of our business, we do not produce many harmful pollutants; however, we are conscious that small efforts will make a huge difference. Some examples of Eagle’s environmentally-friendly practices include:

  • WORKShift program allowing employees to telecommute, reducing fuel consumption

  • Use of cloud-based applications and electronic records management that significantly reduce printing and paper consumption

  • Use of recycled paper and double-sided printing during the production of large documents, such as proposals

  • Participating in recycling programs for unused office supplies, such as furniture and computers

  • Responsible disposal of all garbage, from electronics to office waste

  • Constantly reviewing new technologies and innovations that will help us to further reduce our carbon footprint

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