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Adopt a GOOD Attitude

Attitude is one of my favorite topics for this blog, and I have to be careful not to over do my “obsession” with the subject. I have written about it many times, its importance to individuals, to companies, to teams and to family.

Everyone wants to be around the positive, outgoing characters … they just make you feel better. Yet we ALL have the ability to develop and display the kind of attitude that we want!

As a regular reader of Seth Godin’s blog I was struck (once again) by a recent blog entry suggesting that in previous times Your Smile Didn’t Matter. Its a thought provoking piece, because he suggests that today its ALL about attitude!

Its funny that he talks about smiling, when he talks about attitude … and as usual, he is right on the money!

Take a few minutes and re-visit a couple of my older blog entries. Back in 2006, not long after starting this blog I wrote an entry called Attitude – The Answer!

It must have been on my mind because that year I also posted a blog entry called Smile … its contagious.

In August 2007 I referenced a study that suggested you should Be Positive and Live Longer!

And of course … one of my first blog entries is also one of my favourite sayings … Walk Fast and Smile!

Some clarification:

Everyone can adopt a positive attitude … it is all in your own hands.
It has NOTHING to do with personality types, Zodiac signs, how you are raised, wealth or any external thing … it is all in your head!
It costs you nothing.
You WILL feel better.
You WILL make others feel better.
Like Nike says … Just Do It!

Seth Godin suggests that the new world (and I’m always talking about how everything is changing) requires you to have a great attitude … he’s right! I just think that the “old world” wanted it too … its just more important now!

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