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Another Dollar to Charity?

There is a strong school of thought that “giving” is one of the best ways to achieve success … and success can be defined in any way you want. I have written blogs about this on numerous occasions. Here are a couple of them:

I wrote about John Izzo’s book … The Five secrets You Must Discover Before You Die. His fifth “secret” is to give more than you take.

The blog entitled Give Back it Will Make You a Better Person.

I also wrote a blog entry called The Rewards of Giving, which is about a particular event that Eagle sponsors and the obvious pleasure that brings.

Canadians generally are a very generous people, with many contributing regularly to charity through regular payroll deduction, through involvement in personal causes, through fund raising events and many other ways.

A friend of mine as talking to his team (a large team of Federal Government employees) about the need to support our local community, and to give a few dollars back to help others. Afterwards a young employee came to see him.

“Is it really true that one dollar donated every pay can make a difference?”, she asked.

“Think about it” said my friend, “There are 30 million Canadians, if everyone gave a dollar from each pay cheque that could make a tremendous difference!”

She went away and signed up … and this young person, starting out in her career, with not a big income gives $5 twice a month from her pay cheque to help those who are less fortunate than her! That’s $120 a year … imagine if 30 million Canadians gave $120 a year. We could solve the social issues of homelessness, provide support and help to all battered women and children and make a huge difference in this society we call home.

Could you afford $5 twice a month?

Are you giving the same amount you gave a couple of years ago? Maybe you could ADD $5 twice a month.

Give generously, we all benefit from an improved community and we will reap personal benefits from the act of giving.

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