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Technology Industry News in Canada

This last month brought some interesting stories.

The Canadian federal election brought change to the Canadian political landscape, the effect of which will be gauged in the coming months and years. For now we have a fresh start, with a new leader and a chance to effect change ... we'll see how it plays out.

Pre-Xmas online shopping was up 25% and worldwide shipments of PCs increased more than 10% in 2005. Hudson tells us that IT pros were happy in December, but maybe it was just the season because the Computing Technology Industry Association suggest that 60% of IT professionals want a job change! There are now more than 111 million internet users in China, and recent developments suggest Google want access to that market ... even if it means censorship! Conexant is investing $250 million into its India operations, Microsoft is establishing 90 software development centres around the world (already has 60) and four DRAM manufacturers have now been fined for price fixing.

On the M&A front Symantec and CA both had $370 million plus acquisitions, Google bought a radio advertising company for $102 million cash (but the actual cost could be MUCH higher). IBM, Wipro, Amerivault and Kforce were all buying too.

Of companies that reported earnings last quarter Wipro continues to put up big numbers, their Indian competitor Infosys also appeared to do well but missed analyst expectations. CA had positive news and Microsoft had record quarterly revenues. IBM and CGI both reported declining revenues but improved profits, which as a business owner would be great news but does not seem to satisfy "the street".

You can get more details at the Eagle Website.