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A Tip to Salespeople from a Busy Executive

Do you ever get those calls? “Hi, this is Jeff from XYZ Incorporated. I’d like to take just 5 minutes of your time to tell you how I can save your corporation real dollars!” … Click!

I must be on every “list” in existence and those calls just help me create the “Kevin Dee No Call List!” Every senior person I know considers their time to be a precious commodity and the chances of me giving any of it to some stranger with a canned sales pitch is ZERO.

For me to take such a call, that person needs to either be someone I know, be referred to me by someone I trust, know me well enough to know what is going to get my attention or have a very compelling story that happens to hit my hot button of the moment!

Please … do your homework! Preparation is everything and cold calling senior people out of the blue just doesn’t work.