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February IT Industry News

Each month I publish a review of the month's IT news on our website. "The Industry News" is supposed to be a Cole's notes of most significant happenings that does not include product announcements and hyperbole ... mostly! If you want more detail behind the following synopsis you can find it at the link above. (PS. It won't be there until tomorrow ... Wednesday.)

February was not a particularly busy month for M&A activity, with a few "smaller" deals involving household names like Oracle, HP, Symantec and Google.

RIM continues to await the outcome of a court ruling, but Gartner tell us the Blackberry led the global pda market in sales last year. There were numerous reports about the IT job market, higher demand, higher wages and more movement between jobs! A recent survey tells us that security attacks on corporations are up significantly (tell us something we don't know!) and more people are buying stuff online!

CGI got a new CEO, Fon could be a start-up to watch in the Wi-Fi world and both Oracle and Affiliated Computer Services announced significant layoffs.
On the reporting front, CSC had good news but Amazon and Sun had tough quarters. CGI reported higher profits but lower revenues. Good if you are a private company but not so good in the public world.

There is also a report that a new blog is created every second ... so my blog might not even get noticed!