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Internet Commerce - Good until it isn't!

A recent report from New York State Attorney General cited Internet Fraud as the number one consumer complaint. This is the first time it has hit the top spot on this report but certainly as internet commerce grows the potential for abuse will grow with it. Internet consumers already need to overcome a reticence about dealing remotely with a company that reaches into their pocket (credit card) and no ability to look someone in the eye. Fraud, poor service and poor websites will all slow the growth of internet commerce.

One example of poor service, (and to pick on an internet supplier that cost me a bunch of money!), is a recent experience of mine. I ordered a Xmas hamper online, to be delivered to family in the UK. At the end of "the saga" a hamper was never delivered, I'm out a couple of hundred pounds and the supplier will never see my business again! It was not entirely their fault, and when their service works its great ... but in this case they experienced a "moment of truth" with this consumer and missed the boat!

So ... internet consumers need to very careful and internet suppliers need to be able to overcome consumer fear of the unknown by excellent customer service. Are you listening