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IT Staffing - Ethics in a Hot Market

The IT Staffing Industry is beginning to see the benefit of an improved economy. There is an increased demand for IT professionals, particularly with hot skills ... this is all good, right? Well ... yes, and no.

With the changing markets Staffing Companies face different challenges and one of the challenges of a "hot market" is the "questionable tactics" employed by some companies and by some individuals. Here is what we are seeing at an increasing pace, today ...

  • Contractors leaving contracts for a few extra dollars;

  • Contractor's committing to contracts but changing their mind and taking different contracts;

  • Contractors going on interviews with no intent to take the job; and

  • Recruiters persuading contractors to bail on commitments for a few extra dollars.

If our industry is ever going to reach its potential as a key strategic resourcing partner for the 21st century we need to get on the same page with ethical standards. Independent contractors need to act in a way they would want to be treated and staffing companies need to embody the highest of ethics!