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Junk Email - An internet joke?

As I went through deleting my junk emails this morning I was reminded of an article I read some time ago suggesting that junk email would account for more than 90% of email traffic! This weekend a virus carried in some 3.2 million junk emails attacked UK businesses. Our technology team tell me that our little company receives and deals with about 420,000 junk emails a month! That, in addition to those that sneak through, and I had 120 of those over the weekend. (That will soon be fixed by a move to a third party provider). In 2004 an article suggested that junkmail accounted for about 60% of email traffic on the web ... there are those who suggest it is now between 85 and 90%!

There is an old joke about a couple of guys flying across the Atlantic on a 4 engined plane, in which one by one the engines fail until there is one left. With each engine failure the time of the flight is increased by an hour. With just one engine left one passenger turns to the other and says, "Jeez if the other engine goes we'll be up here all night!"

"Jeez, the way things are going with junk email that's all we'll have before long!"