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Mondays ...

No song about hating Mondays, or the like. Just an observation that Mondays can be very unproductive for many people and it doesn't need to be like that!

I have a habit of working on Sunday mornings, part of the time is spent in organizing myself for the week. Whenever I miss, (this weekend my son had an out of town hockey tournament), I always feel like I'm just slightly out of control. It is the same sense I get from 90% of the population on Monday mornings ... "I know I'm busy, got lots to do, I'm doing it ... but I'm not sure I'm being as productive as I might!"

The staffing industry is notorious for its fast pace. Good organizational skills and excellent time management will get you everywhere in this business. I have always said that good time management has been critical to any success that I have had in my career and its one of the things I really hammer home with my staff.

So ... you don't need to work Sunday mornings in order to be organized (did I hear a collective sigh of relief?) ... but being organized does not come easy. A couple of tips.

"To Do Lists". These are the anchor of any good time management system. Write EVERYTHING down, prioritize based on your world. In my world if it translates into business then its at the top of the heap, if its personal then it fits in around my other items. I don't care if you use an electronic to do list, or good old pen and paper ... "Just Do It" (thank you Nike). I think your to do list should be separate from your everyday notes ... on a separate piece of paper (or virtual paper). I think you should review it every day either first thing (before opening email) or at the end of the day in preparation for the next day.

Balance. I hear this all the time these days and most times it comes with the suggestion that the person needs to spend more time at home! Balance is very personal, if it works for you that's good, but it needs to work for your personal AND professional "you". If you want to do a good job then you need to be productive, in most cases if you make the best use of your work hours then you will feel comfortable in enjoying your "home" hours.

Resources. Time management is a subject that gets beaten to death, but if you can find what works for you ... its golden. Here are some links ... The David Allen Company has a concept called GTD (Getting things Done) which is very practical. If you need help with balance and perspective John Izzo and Patricia Katz are two of my favorite reads! All three have good newsletters to which you can subscribe.

Now it is up to you to make Mondays, and every other day, productive.