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One of Canada's 50 Best ... party time!

Tonight is the black tie gala for "Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies". It's a big night for Eagle as we will be added to the Platinum list of companies that have been on the "50 Best" list for six consecutive years or more.

Over the years people have asked why and how we get awards, and whether the effort is worth it? I am very proud of this award because it is only given to companies that have passed some very stringent scrutiny. The process is detailed, the multi-steps designed to look at a company's finances, best practices, commitment to excellence and how it treats its people.

So, as a company, is it worth pursuing this kind of recognition? I say yes, but be prepared to pay a price. If you are prepared to put in the effort, to listen and accept the advice given, then go for it. The real gain is a stronger company, benefiting from good advice, and incidentally the award is a great marketing tool to use later. There are many awards that are presented for a lot less effort than the "50 Best", awards based on company revenues, on HR best practices etc. We go after these awards too as a part of our marketing efforts, raising the company's profile in a positive light.

So, if you run a business then you should want to always get better at what you do. Awards are recognition that you are doing it, but the real REWARD is in doing it. Whether you are a one person company or a multi-national you have to get better ... or you will fail.

Tonight is a night for celebrating, drinking a little too much and enjoying an award (look out Toronto, Eagle will be partying). Tomorrow it's back to the business of making this a better business!