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Charitable Giving

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is well documented and there are many articles on the subject. Overwhelming management opinion points to the need for companies to give back to the society in which they operate.

Eagle is a huge fan and if you are interested you can see some of the stuff we are involved with on the Corporate Philanthropy page of our website.

Last night I was at a charity auction in support of Prostate Cancer Research (the Green & White Gala) and was again impressed by the calibre of companies that do support charity, our client EDS was a huge sponsor and we were just a bit player, buying a table and enjoying a good event. Every year I look forward to the Children's Aid foundation Teddy Bear Affair, which is probably the biggest and arguably best charity auction in Toronto. I think its fair to say that you can have fun AND support charities!

So ... my question to the world is, are you doing your bit to support charities? All companies need to get involved, even if its small its a start ... and that grows over time. Get out there, donate money, give time, get involved and practice the management strategy of Corporate Social responsibility!