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Last week I spent two days training our sales team (as mentioned in my last blog). One of the team sent me the following list of "Dee-isms" that he picked up over the two days!

1) " Eagle strategy is NOT picking up the phone, we drive our own bus"
2) " Get as many balls in the air as possible, always adding "
3) "with every call, come out with NEW names "
4) "Get to know the executive assistants"
5) "take lunch TO the client"
6) " Piggyback your calls"
7) "work your rocks" ( a time management analogy using rocks, pebbles and sand in a jar)
8) " Get greedy " (Want the business!)
9) " use the tools to realize what you don't know,.... and that's good "
10) " regardless of how well or poor a meeting is going, never lose sight of your agenda "
11) " only way to truly differentiate ourselves from the rest is to do what we say "
12) "Going forward, let's treat all our accounts as new "
13) " If you can determine what holes there are, you can fill them "
14) " Treat roll-offs and extensions with the same sense of urgency as a new order "
15) "Walk fast and smile"
16 ) "Sales success is measured in dollars and cents "
17 ) " We have the same opportunities as our competition, no excuses "
18) " get a coach (s), and you have the edge "
19) "marketing material should be carefully selected for specific client, take the most relevant and understand the relevance "

It is interesting when people "take notes", which was a "Dee-ism" that is not on the list. The hardest part for everyone now is to establish new habits ... should be interesting.