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Embracing Change

Change! The very word causes a whole range of emotions with people and yet in the 21st century change is constant. Earlier in my career I was reluctant to embrace change, it took me out of a comfort zone, made me work, rocked my world a little and if I'm honest my attitude to change stunk! Over the years I have learned that change is welcome, needed even ... and without change my company would stagnate, I would become bored, and worse I would become boring!

"It's the most unhappy people who most fear change" -- Mignon McLaughlin

How do you change? It's a hard thing to do and requires a conscious commitment to embrace the change in addition to a plan of how to get there. One of the common examples of a situation requiring change follows a training course. The participants learn new ways to do things, perhaps some new techniques and more knowledge. How many of you leave a course thinking "that was good" only to go back to doing exactly (or very close to) what you did before?

"Change is inevitable: Growth is optional" -- Ken Blanchard

Last week we spent two days training our sales team. We introduced new tools, clean processes and strategies for success. The results will take a little time to percolate and it will become very evident who is embracing the change ... and who is fighting it. Early signs are there that some are making a good effort, others ... it doesn't look so good! It should be an interesting time over the next weeks and months as management reinforce the principles and the stragglers fight the process. Old habits die hard!

"Change is the process by which the future invades our lives" - Toffler

Change is always difficult, but when the writing is on the wall ... just do it, you might surprise yourself!