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Ottawa is the coldest capital city in the world (along with Moscow). This
time of year the snow is melting, the temperatures moving above zero
Celsius and we are all looking forward to the coming Summer months.

This is also a time of year when people get a little "antsy" about their
lives. It's a time of renewal and a good time to take stock of life. I
think it's a much better time of year than the New Year to make some
resolutions. How about these ...

1. Look for the good in people.
2. Look for the positives in situations.
3. Set some short term goals ... keep them simple.
Eg. Lose 5 lbs in the next month! Read the newspaper for 10 minutes
every day before work. Stop smoking!
4. Set some longer term goals ... where do you want to be in 5 years? How
do you get there?
5. Fix a bad habit. Do you talk on your cell when you are with other
people? Do you check you blackberry when you are supposed to be having
family time?

If you change just a little bit for the better you are heading in the right
direction. Do you really want to be slowly morph into one of those
overweight, miserable, negative old people who seems to hate life... or would
you sooner be that bright, interesting older person who is enjoying the
twilight years?