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The Value of the Staffing Industry

The IT staffing industry must be one of the enigmas of the 21st century. We are currently on the verge of substantial skills shortages, we have an aging workforce, an education system in North America that is not producing enough students in the technology world and yet still our margins get squeezed. The laws of supply and demand certainly seem to be forgotten as companies in our industry accept terms that do not make sense.

The staffing industry offers incredible flexibility to companies in staffing levels, a low risk ability to scale up or down to meet changing business needs without the encumbrance of employment contracts. Employers are not responsible for all of the day to day issues associated with employees (a huge saving in management time). The client ONLY pays for time on the job, not for training time, waiting time, sick time and any other kind of non-productive time. That is a SWEET DEAL.

So ... why is our industry under so much pressure? Its time that staffing companies started to push back and get paid for the value provided ... not accept what client think they can get away with!