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Walk Fast and Smile!

"Walk Fast and Smile" is a phrase that I often use with Eagle's employees when talking about success. I truly believe that if you adopt the "walk fast and smile" philosophy you are on the road to success. So ... what does it mean?

People who "walk fast" have a purpose in life, they are on a mission, they are "movers and shakers". These are people that accomplish things ... sometimes great things. I am of the belief that if you adopt the habits of successful people then you have a chance to be successful yourself. If you treat everything you do with a sense of purpose you are in the minority and that, in and of itself, increases your chances of success ... at whatever you are attempting.

People who "smile" see the positive in life, see the up side of things, are "glass half full" people. A smile is contagious and people want to be around happy people. If you smile while talking on the phone it is usually noticeable to the person at the other end of the phone. If you smile it feels good, which affects your whole personality in a positive way. You only live once ... so enjoy it, and smile! Try it! Change your life by adopting those two little habits! I'm smiling ... are you?