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10 Steps to Success - by Kit Grant

I have had the pleasure of being entertained and educated by a Canadian speaker named Kit Grant a couple of times now. Kit has some very clear messages for his audience and one of his "take aways" is a card with Kit Grant's 10 Steps to Success. The fact that there are 11 steps is pure Kit!

If you visit his website I would recommend signing up for his newsletter! You can also contact him at 1 (888) 866-3603.

Here are Kit's 10 Steps to Success

1. Change "Can't" to "Can".
2. Change "Try" to "Will".
3. Get Focused -- Set Goals.
4. List 5 Things You Want, the Payoff For Each When You Reach It and Read These Twice Every Day.
5. Get a Mentor -- Be a Mentor.
6. Change Your Self-Talk ... I Am, I Can, I Will.
7. Visualize What Success Looks and Feels Like.
8. Stop Worrying.
9. Be Part of The Solution, Not Part of The Problem.
10. Finish What You Start
+11. Have FUN!!!