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10 Tips to Get the Interview

Whether you are applying for your first job or that next big move, you may find yourself in competition with many others at the application stage. What can you do to improve your chance of getting to the interview? Assuming that your experience is good for the job, here are 10 tips for the job applicant ...

1. Develop a Cover Letter Specific to the job, don't use a stock cover letter.
2. Always spell-check and proof read your resume and cover letter.
3. The cover letter should highlight the most pertinent parts of your resume for this job.
4. Your resume should be long enough to convey the information your evaluator needs, but short enough that the reading will not be onerous!
5. Create a Positive Image ... people like positive people.
6. Be Complete and Truthful. Don't have gaps in your resume and be honest about your qualifications and experience.
7. Make your resume stand out ... colored paper, distinctive font, personalized headers are some ways that people differentiate from the "resume crowd".
8. If Responding to an Advertisement then follow the Guideline provided.
9. Make it Easy for the Employer to Contact You. Provide several means of contact.
10. Get your resume in on time ... don't miss the deadline!