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Adversity Brings Out the Best in People

I was visiting Iqaluit last week ... yes it was cold (-35 with the wind chill) AND I went of my own choice AND it was not a business trip! Iqaluit is 3 hours flight directly North from Ottawa and I believe used to be called Frobisher Bay.

I was struck by a number of things in visiting the area and getting to chat with some of the people who live there. Perhaps one of the biggest things that struck me was man's (woman's) ability to adapt and prosper in the most adverse of conditions. To live and work in this place that is so bleak and cold late in April is an incredible feat in the year 2006 ... can you imagine it 200 years ago?

Sometimes I am a little hard when talking about failings of our modern society, but every now and then I am reminded that the human race will respond to adversity, and generally prevails. Maybe my new management technique should be to throw as many obstacles as possible at our people ... surely they will grow and succeed faster that way!!

I think that was the tactic of the Ottawa Senators, who just wanted to make it hard for themselves by letting Tampa Bay back into the series (hockey talk for those uninitiated).