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Relationships Take Work

There is plenty of material about networking, the art of socializing, how to meet the right people ... and other such "stuff". My own opinion is that we all need friends and acquaintances AND they need us. But maintaining those relationships takes work!

I liked Steven Covey's reference to emotional bank accounts when talking about relationships. The concept can apply to business relationships or personal relationships ... your boss, colleague or spouse. It is also scalable, which means that it can apply to that person you meet at the bus stop on a regular basis as much as to your closest friends.

Covey used deposits and withdrawals from the emotional bank account to describe relationships. You really shouldn't draw from the bank unless you have something deposited there ... and you certainly don't want to be seriously overdrawn, or you can find your relationship in some trouble.

Today is a holiday and I'm home building up some credit, spending time with my family. Then when I need to hit the road next, the account won't get too depleted!

Go crazy ... make a whole bunch of deposits this weekend!