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Sick days

OK, I have occasionally been accused of being somewhat to the right of Ghengis Khan in my views ... and I'm likely going to strengthen that reputation now. Why is it that people can't battle through a little cold, or "feeling off" these days?

My "old man" was a laborer in England and worked in all kinds of weather, day in day out six days a week and I don't ever remember him taking time off because he didn't feel too good! If I'm feeling a "few degrees under" I get up, get showered and drag myself to the office and do the job I get paid to do.

I can hear it now. "Yeah, but you make everyone else sick!" I got sick, most likely at the office and we are all exposed to germs every day anyway ... so my being there isn't going to make other people any sicker! I don't generally kiss too many people at the office and I'm sure they ALL wash their hands regularly (could be the subject of another blog!). I'm not spewing germs all over people's computers etc, I keep myself to myself wash my hands regularly and do my job. So ... I don't make others sick!

People are getting soft! As a society we need to preach discipline, hard work and commitment. Get to work all you slackers!