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The Life of a CEO

Growing up, I would have to say I would have been voted the least likely person to succeed that I know! I never did particularly well at school (my wife still won't let me show my old school reports to our children!), I was not particularly ambitious and had not much passion for anything, except maybe football (soccer).

It was later in life that I began to open my eyes, believe in myself and get passionate about life.

So ... sometimes (quite often actually) I look in the mirror, marvel that I am where I am and wonder "am I still the guy to keep doing this job" as our company approaches another milestone ... this time a $100 million revenue goal.

I ask myself:

1. Am I still having fun?
2. Can I still make a difference?
3. Am I able to make the hard decisions?
4. Am I able to accept and drive change?

As long as I can answer yes I think I'm OK for another year ... if I start to question, then it will be time for me to go.

This was a hard week for me personally ... but the future is bright for Eagle.

There is life in these old bones yet!

Walk Fast and Smile!!!