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Exceed Your Customer's Expectations!

Isn't it nice when you are "surprised" by good customer service! How often do we fall guilty of not providing that great level of service and just how hard can it be to "get it right".

Today is day two without air conditioning in our office building. It is also very hot, with temperatures in the office at more than 30 Celsius (80+ Fahrenheit). Not a happy experience when we typically wear a suit and tie. To make things worse we found out today that the air conditioner for the building is awaiting parts that will mean no cool air until probably next week!

There are a number of unhappy people in the building, but the landlord took the proactive approach. He "fessed up" to the responsibility, picked up the phone to explain things himself, offered as much information as he could and then supplied a bunch of fans. It is still not a perfect situation, but I can't really fault him and I admire the fact that he was up front, honest and did the things within his control.

How many times have you been impressed lately? Most clients don't have totally unrealistic expectations, they just want you to show them you care.

Give your clients a pleasant surprise with great customer service! It's good for business!

PS. To make this a TRULY great customer experience I think the landlord should have sent some "cold beers" at the end of the day!! But hey, I'm picky!