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Industry Conferences

Later this week I will be heading out to Vancouver to attend the annual ACSESS Conference. This event is focused on the staffing industry and is a joint event with NAPS the US counterpart for ACSESS.

As a busy executive, I need to justify where I spend my time because there is never enough time for all of the things I would like to do. Personally, as a board member of ACSESS, I make a commitment to these events which to some degree makes the "go or don't go" decision easy. So why do other busy people choose to go, and some choose not to go?

An industry conference is a great educational opportunity, because of the focused sessions that are provided and because of the ability to network with competitors and industry colleagues. The ability to discuss the market, understand what is happening specific to our world and stay current with industry trends is invaluable. As a company we have always sent representative to several industry conferences each year.

If you have not considered conferences as a means of education or have struggled in showing an ROI to your manager maybe you need to think again. I believe that they are probably the most relevant, most current way to educate myself about our industry.