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The Insecurity of Business on the Internet?

There has been a good deal of press lately about a company called Blue Security. This company offered a service to users designed to stop spammers, and in operating this business they apparently managed to upset some of the more powerful spammers to the point where Blue Security has been put out of business.

The company posted a statement on their website giving their reasons for folding their business, and there have been numerous articles in various publications about the demise of Blue Security.

It's a very scary thought that any legitimate business, that relies upon the internet as a key part of its operations, can be driven out of business. In this case, Blue Security fell victim to a massive Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Since opening our doors Eagle has also experienced several such attacks but clearly not of the power and magnitude that struck Blue Security. It is a very scary thing to know that someone, with the knowledge and power to seriously hurt your company, has launched an attack. We were lucky that they got bored and moved on, but I think I will sleep a little less soundly knowing that my company, like most companies, is this vulnerable.

Not sure what the answer is, but this does not feel right!