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What is Important?

I spent the last couple of days in Calgary and as any Canadian hockey fan knows, the Calgary Flames were eliminated from the Stanley Cup last night. The result dominated the front pages of the newspaper with several stories inside the paper around this 'catastrophe'.

As a society its interesting what is big news! Disaster, failure, disgrace all seem to be big! Anything at the personal level such as death, poverty, suffering are relegated to smaller bye-lines. If its a celebrity its big, if its 10,000 people dying in Darfur its not such big news.

Do we have our values right? If they are a little 'off' at the society level, then how are our values at the personal level. Do we focus on what really matters? Maybe we should all just step back from our daily grind and ask ourselves if we have it right because as John Maynard Keynes said, "In the long run we are all dead" ... but no-one might notice!