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Why Companies Support Good Causes

I have talked before about Charitable Giving and how important it is for the private sector to support their communities. Supporting charities is good business, there are enough studies, white papers and anecdotal evidence that suggest this is the case. But there has to be more to it ... and for me there is a human side, a "feel good" that makes it worthwhile.

For the last several years Eagle has sponsored the "Young Authors and Illustrator's Conference" in Ottawa. This conference is organised by MASC a great charitable organization, and lets 600 children spend a day learning from professional authors and illustrators. One of the things the conference organizers have done for the last few years is to get the participants to write a note to me personally to thank me for this opportunity. Wow ... here are some direct quotes ...

"This was one of my best experiences in my life" Jamie
"I learned so much that I will use later on. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you." Victoria
"I absolutely LOVED it and thank you so much for helping make this special event happen" Rachel
"Today was an amazing day" Emily
"I had a totally Incredible time" Lucy
"Yo Dude! Thanks 100 bundles for sponsoring ..." Anon

So, when people ask me why we get involved to help in the community I can point at 630 cards written to me with this kind of enthusiasm and message. Surely this kind of energy and excitement is worth investing a little time and money!

"I feel Good ... ".