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Bill Gates is Stepping Down ... Wow!

So Bill (never met the man and probably don't really have the right to address the World's richest man by his first name ... but I am a little forward sometimes!) is going to step down from his day to day role at Microsoft!

What a ride that man has had!

As CEO and founder of a $100 million company I regularly look in the mirror and ask myself if I'm still the right guy to be running Eagle. (Note that I don't ask anyone else!) As companies grow and evolve through the many stages of growth there are many different skills required. For Bill to have grown this company from the famous garage start-up to the monolith of today is certainly an incredible feat ... no matter what you think of Microsoft (I will definitely not mention the blue screen of death!)

When we started, I was the Ottawa sales guy, President & CEO, Tech support guru, Marketing Guy, chief cook and bottle-washer. Today I am in a totally different place than when we were a start-up ... not sure I would have the staying power of a Bill Gates, but hopefully I can last a little longer!

Good luck to Bill, what an amazing job you have done with Microsoft and thank you too for being one of the world's biggest philanthropists.