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Contractor Ethics

A couple of months ago I wrote about Eagle's new Eagle Certified Professional Contractor Program that was established to celebrate the professionalism of the vast majority of contractors. I also wrote a recent blog about The Professional Contractor and what that means.

It would be great if there were no need to have these guidelines. In fact some of the best contractors we know are a little taken aback that we would ask them to sign up to a Code of Conduct. It's only when we tell them how the poor behavior of "the few" is coloring the perception of our whole industry that the light comes on, and most are keen to let the world know of their professionalism.

It is interesting to see the antics that some "supposed professionals" get up to in order to justify their actions. We have had people go through the whole process, interviews and rate negotiations and happy to have the job ... until they find out the person next to them earns a dollar more! What must our clients think when highly paid professionals, who have made contractual commitments start complaining about their pay just days into a contract! FACT: Anyone can always look around and find a reason why they should be paid a bit more! The time for rate discussions is up front, once its done get on with the job!

A hot job market such as Alberta right now really can bring out the worst in people. We have seen people with long term contractual commitments, who are key resources on the projects, holding their clients to ransom because they suddenly decide that if they move they can get more money. Yes ... they can get more money, but they also get that reputation and our industry gets that reputation!

I am still pleased to be able to say it is a very small minority act in this manner and the vast majority of contractors do operate in an ethical manner. They are business people and act that way. To those few contractors who don't, I say "Get out of the business! We don't need you!"