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The Pace of Life!

Many people, who are not in a senior management position, have a lot of trouble understanding this lifestyle. (My Mom for instance ... has a lot of difficulty understanding how I can spend so many hours doing that work stuff). For others it's hard to understand why can't I slow down, work less hours, "goof off" a little. I am the boss after all! Other friends and family can't understand how I can go through an entire day, day after day, and not find time to call them or even email them! This is not really that easy to explain.

It is 6pm and I am just writing this blog, which this morning I thought I would have written by mid afternoon. There are also a number of items on my "To Do" list that I thought would be done before now. How does this work?

I revisit my "To Do" list when I get in, in the morning. I try to do this before actually getting into email. The list grows to accommodate all of the significant and relatively significant items ... not the small stuff. Some of the items are higher priority because they are client driven, generate business or are issues that can't be ignored or put off. My calendar will also reflect meetings that are scheduled.

If I'm really disciplined I will set aside time in my calendar to complete certain tasks. I have to admit that I am not always that disciplined, and I am also prone to move those time slots if something "important" comes along.

I then "go at it", interrupted by the odd emergency I try to get through the list.

So ... here I am at 6:00pm-ish thinking, how did it get this late? Its 11pm in England, too late to call my Mom and I'm overdue! I still have a bunch of stuff on my To Do list. I think I'm relatively good at "time management" but clearly not good enough!

But guess what ... I would not swap positions! I love it!