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Who is NOT at the IT Services Business Summit

Today I arrived at the IT Services Business Summit in Boston. Could be worth mentioning my previous blog about business travel! My 6:30am flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons, leaving me with an option of leaving 6 hours later. I paid another $50 to get home, got in my car and drove to Boston (about 7 hours) and it was just as well because Boston weather caused many cancellations later in the day! Travel is fun!

Back to the issue ... Eagle likes to have attendance at most of the conferences in our industry. We find it is the best way to keep current with the trends and happenings in our world. We hear from industry analysts about statistics, projections, survey results and extrapolations about how we are doing and how things might be. We get to interact with our peers and competitors, have meaningful discussions with vendors who serve our industry and with the analysts that we read.

How fascinating to me that the people that are busy advising OUR clients are not here. I did not see one AT Kearney name on the attendee list! None on the speaker list either! Incredible ... these are the people who set themselves up as experts on our industry, advise our clients how to chop the cost out of their supply chain but they don't stick around long enough to see the implications of their advice!

Maybe they will shock me and show up at an industry conference some day ... maybe I'll even learn that that they do know something!