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You Only Find Oil if You Dig Wells!

My VP in Western Canada sent me that little saying last week! Its really a very interesting truth that is hard to find fault with, other than it is so obvious ... or is it?

In my various roles I have occasion to talk to many business owners, CEOs, sales managers and people trying to be successful in their various businesses. One of the most common laments I hear is about how difficult it is to get salespeople out in front of clients! Hmmm if you are not talking to your clients then how are you getting business? Waiting for the phone to ring? Hoping someone will send you an order? Not necessarily the best way to success.

So ... sometimes the most obvious of statements still doesn't resonate!

A couple of messages to ALL sales people:

1. If you don't get out in front of your clients, how are you going to get orders?
2. Worse, if you don't get out in front of your clients, someone else will, and it might just be me!!

Go dig wells!