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Do You Care?

Attitude is a huge factor when hiring a new employee.  The right attitude is much more important than even work experience or the “technical skills” to do a job.

It is sometimes hard to define what is meant by that term “good attitude”. If you have a sunny disposition does that mean you have a good attitude? If you are generally a “glass half full” person, or someone who is conscientious, or someone who is nice to little old ladies … then are you someone with the right attitude?

For me, as a business owner, people with “the right attitude” display certain characteristics.

  • They “Just Do It”. How refreshing when you ask for something to be done that the person just gets the job done!

  • They are productive, whether it is in the office or working from home … and you know they are doing what they need to do.

  • They want to work. They don’t look for excuses not to work, and it shows in their output.

  • They smile. Not a hard thing, but definitely more rare than it should be!

  • They have a sense of urgency about them.

  • They want to learn. They ask questions, have an open mind and take every opportunity to understand “why”?

  • They are willing to help others.

  • They don’t complain about stuff, they make positive suggestions.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of all … is that they care! If you don’t care then likely none of the other stuff will apply. If you do care, then likely you can learn all of the other stuff!

“If you don’t like something change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude” Maya Angelou