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July Industry News

Each month I produce a synopsis of the stories that caught my eye during the previous month. The full version of the July Industry news will be available on our website tomorrow. The following is a synopsis of the synopsis (if that makes sense).

July was a big M&A month with three blockbuster billion dollar deals. AMD was the biggest spender, paying $5.4 billion for graphic chip guys ATI, HP's $4.5 billion purchase of Mercury Interactive wasn't too far behind. EMC joined the billion dollar spender's club by paying $2.1 billion for RSA Security Inc. In addition to those mega-deals Intel invested $600 million into Clearwire Corp and Watchguard was acquired for $151 million by Francisco Partners.

Other than M&A activity, this month saw the EU "ding" Microsoft with a $350 million fine for using its "near monopoly" in PC operating systems to gain unfair advantage elsewhere. Palm paid $22.5 million to Xerox to settle an outstanding patent dispute and the Kazaa people paid out more than $100 million to settle their "file sharing" lawsuits with the entertainment industry. Intel announced that it is laying off 1000 managers and 3Com is "restructuring" to the tune of 250 jobs.

Quite a busy month in the technology world!