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Negative People

I subscribe to a newsletter from a motivational speaker, Kit Grant, who I always enjoy. He can be quite irreverent, has a habit of "honing right in" on subjects that can be a little touchy, and telling it like it is! Today he talked about the affect that negative people have on those around them, reminding me of my own thoughts and experiences on that subject.

Some years ago my wife decided to get an Executive MBA. This was a family decision (ie. me and her!) because the impact was going to be significant on our home life. I was going to have to take up Mr. Mom duties if she was going to be able to devote the time to her work. So, while working in a full time job she managed to get her MBA over the course of two years.

One of the major decisions we made was to avoid contact with negative people. This is not always an easy thing to achieve when there really are so many negative people in the world. Some of these people you can totally avoid, some take effort to avoid ... and others you just need to minimize to as little contact as feasible! It works! Negative people suck the life out of you, they drag you down, they erase your spark ... and when you actively avoid negative people it can have a huge positive affect.

You all know who they are ... and hopefully they are not you, or you have even bigger problems because you need to get out of that rut (another blog or two). They are the co-worker who is always complaining about workload, or the boss, or the client or the support staff or anyone else they can find to complain about. They are the person at the bus stop, the person at the gym, the person next to you in church, they could be your Brother/Cousin/Uncle or your boss, her boss or the people that work for you.

So ... you have to be absolutely ruthless with your time. Zero contact with negative people that you can possibly avoid! Change church, gym, grocery store, bus route ... whatever it takes. You need to minimize contact with everyone else negative ... don't go to the water cooler when the whining co-worker is around, keep your head down busy and be careful to never invite them anywhere. With family ... tougher, but just reduce contact by seeing them less often and for shorter periods of time.

You will be amazed at the impact on your own state of mind if you can free it up to be focused on the positive! Try it ... it works.

Go visit my friend Kit Grant's website and get some positive reinforcement too!