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Personal Responsibility

I am not sure what to make of a society where so many people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions!

There is evidence of the trend all around us. People sue restaurants because they spill hot coffee on themselves! People complain about their weight, yet they continue with poor eating habits, consuming more calories than they burn ... Oh is THAT why they are overweight? People complain that they are always tired, have no energy and yet they never exercise and their diets are terrible!

In the workplace we have people that are not being successful in their role (any role) but they don't change their behaviour ... they keep doing the same things. People complain of a lack of knowledge ... "I didn't know" ... yet they don't seek to learn!

Personal responsibility is the type of grown-up behaviour that we should expect from adults, but it seems to be a rare commodity.

If you are complaining (internally or externally) about some aspect of your life but are doing nothing to change it, then perhaps you need to think about that!