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Take Charge of Your Life

One of the most important things to know is that success ... at anything ... comes at a price. There are very few ways to reach success without working at it, and I'm pretty sure that everyone is told that all the time ... but they don't necessarily understand it, or maybe they just don't buy it. Tiger Woods has natural talent, but he works with coaches to get better every day, Bill Gates does not sit back and let Microsoft be successful ... he works at it.

It's very easy to cruise through your days, reacting to life around you, dealing with tasks as they arise. People come to work read their email, deal with the issues in email, their phone rings and some issues arise that need to be dealt with, their boss asks them to do something and they deal with it and before you know it the day is done and its time to go home. "Another day, another dollar"! "That boss has his head up his ###"! "Man if this was my company I'd do this and that"!

I'm of the opinion that the vast majority of people feel that they have no control over their life ... they can't make people buy their product, they can't make opportunities where none exist, they can't change the inevitable. Wow! What a way to live life, how can so many people be content to just cruise? What did they go to university for? Did they learn anything ... who knows? Have they stopped learning? Are they just getting old ... living for the weekend ... hoping that they find some success by accident? Maybe some client will drop a big order in their lap ... wow, some success that is!

WAKE UP! Take Charge! MAKE things happen! Learn! Grow! Be alive! Challenge yourself, stretch to achieve goals, work harder than the person sitting next to you, feel the flush of success because you made it happen! Feel the glow of true achievement! When did you last feel that rush because you worked hard, dug out the opportunity and made it happen? When did you last make a difference ... at work, at home, in someone's life ... because you used initiative, worked hard, used that brain you struggled to fill with knowledge through so many years of learning?

Life is for living ... not cruising! Follow the lead of James Dean's who said "Dream like you'll live forever, live like you'll die today"!