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The Sales Difference

How is it that a good job of selling can position a product or service above its competition ... even if the facts would suggest otherwise? Its a facinating subject particularly when you are usually on the selling, rather than the buying side of the equation!

When you know all of the internal "warts" associated with your company, product or service you tend to become a little intimidated by what "the other guy" has, rather than focus on your strengths. Your tendency is to try and sell against "their" strengths, rather than "to" your own.

There are countless examples of companies that were better at marketing, branding or sales than their competition ... even many cases where the competition had a "technically" superior product, but the better sales job wins in the end! The obvious example that comes to my mind in the technology space was the marketing genius of Oracle that basically crushed the technical capability of both Sybase and Ingres!

So much of success can be attributed to "truly believing" that you are the superior choice. That comes through, the confidence is clear and the buyer "feels" that. The salesperson who is hesitant, who does not have the passion will almost always lose out to the one who is convincing.

Its the difference between winners and losers, between first place and everyone else ... the edge, the 1% difference ... and its a pure state of mind. Can it be taught ... or does it have to be inate talent? Does it come with experience ... or does it come with success?

Not sure I have the answers yet ... but almost everything about success in sales, in business or in life can be attributed to a state of mind! Get your head around that and you might just "get it"!