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CIPS ... Promoting Professionalism in IT

I was at a meeting hosted by the Ottawa Chapter of CIPS today. The goal was to engage the local sponsors and ensure that they were receiving value for their investment and maybe even to gain another couple of sponsors.

Eagle sponsors lots of "stuff", charities, associations, education scholarships etc. Part of doing this is a marketing effort and while we would always love to do more, the reality is that we are stretched too thin now. Our spend is about twice our budget and with the market still tight every dollar gets tons of scrutiny.

Having said that, CIPS Ottawa (and the other chapters that we sponsor) is good visibility for our company and promotes professionalism in our industry, most specifically through the ISP certification program. This is right in line with Eagle's own small attempts to promote professionalism amongst independent contractors through our Eagle Certified Professional Contractor program.

I truly believe that every company in our industry needs to support the grass roots organizations like CIPS that represent the individual rather than the company. The work that they do benefits us all, and the volunteers that give of their time are a credit to our industry.

Great work CIPS ... and thanks to those dedicated volunteers, Eagle is a fan!