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So what is a leader? A number of years ago Fast Company magazine published a “leadership kit” with ideas and techniques designed to help people become leaders. A quick search of their website will show just how many articles on leadership that Fast Company has published in the years since … more than 2,000! But I couldn’t find the original article, and since I like lists … here are twelve items from the article “Make Yourself a Leader”.

1. Leaders are both confident and modest.
2. Leaders are authentic.
3. Leaders are listeners.
4. Leaders are good at giving encouragement, and they are never satisfied.
5. Leaders make unexpected connections.
6. Leaders Provide Direction.
7. Leaders protect their people from danger – and expose them to reality.
8. Leaders make change – and stand for values that don’t change.
9. Leaders lead by example.
10. Leaders don’t blame – they learn.
11. Leaders look for and network with other leaders.
12. The job of the leader: Make more leaders.