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Make a Difference -- It feels GOOD!

OK you just got through another Monday! The weather is still warm, the weekend was fun, you would sooner have been (a) sitting at the cottage, (b) chilling with friends, (c) shopping till you are dropping ... anything but in the office!

One of the things that always makes me feel good at work is making a difference. It could be as little as making a difference in someone's day, or as big as making a difference to your company's numbers. Here are some suggestions:

1. If you are a salesperson ... call all of those clients that you find difficult to call, and set up meetings. The grumpy people, the "snobby" people, the people that treat you badly, the people that you think could be brighter, the people that you love to hate!
2. Find something nice to say to all of the people you come into contact with. I like that tie! You look great! Thanks a bunch! Great work! I can always trust you!
3. Only think positive thoughts when talking to people.
4. Buy the coffee.
5. Go for the coffee.
6. Write some hand written cards to people you know ... your Mom, spouse, friend, client, colleague, boss ... and say something nice.
7. Set yourself a stretch goal and exceed it!

Practice doing positive things until it becomes second nature. Then Mondays will always be less difficult and life will be a lot more fun!