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Reading for Personal Development

Reading is an integral part of anybody's job, but using reading to advance yourself in your career is something that I don't think enough people do.

Some observations ...

- I am always amazed at how many people just scan their emails. They don't read them diligently, and therefore they often miss vital details.

- So many people do not read the newspaper, their source of news coming from radio, TV and often the internet.

- Reading a good book is relaxing, rewarding and stimulates the mind. It broadens your vocabulary and expands your knowledge ... yet many people never do it.

Some suggestions ...

Read the newspaper. It does not need to take long and it fills you with information about local and world events. In your conversations with clients, colleagues, fellow travelers you can have stimulating and knowledgeable discussions.

Read a book, even if it's a trashy novel. The sentence structure, words used and the act of reading will make you a better business reader.

Subscribe to Executive Book Summaries and read the three book reviews they send each month. Each review is 8 pages long, takes 20 minutes to read and gives a good overview (Coles Notes) of a business book. Now you can discuss the merits of Blink, The Eighth Habit, Good to Great etc. with those around you, impressing them with your knowledge.

If you develop good reading habits it will lead to better writing skills too, and both are key skills for any management job!