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Recharging the Batteries

Tomorrow I will be heading out on a vacation for a week in the UK, visiting with my family and taking a break from the everyday stressors of the workplace. Of course Janis and I will have our blackberries, will find the nearest internet café and check our hotmail accounts and generally stay in touch with the office!

This got me thinking about the subjects of work/life balance, of rest and relaxation, and the general notion of recharging the batteries. Great ideas, and I do think that people need to get away from the office to recharge.

It is amazing just how many hits on Google you will get when you search on those subjects! There are tons of articles with all kinds of advice and I even looked at some of them! There is a Canadian government website devoted to work-life balance, now there is a good use of my tax dollars! Monster had articles on the subject of vacation smarts that might well have been written for people like me ... if only I would read them! There was a pretty good article about the importance of rest and relaxation, which I found interesting. I even have a link on my blog page to Patricia Katz who produces the Pause newsletter and subscribes to a saner life than yours truly!

So, what gives? I'm not a stupid person (OK ... I heard that!) but I don't ever really get away and forget about it all. For me, I feel that getting away from the office and being able to spend time with my family is rejuvenating. If I spend a half hour clearing my email each day it brings me a peace of mind.

I think that life/work balance is a very personal thing ... and for me, loving what I do means that I don't really feel "put out" when I check email on vacation. At least my email box won't have 500 or 600 new emails when I get back! My answer to work/life balance might not be everybody's "cup of tea", but it works for me and I don't know too many people that smile more than me!

Smile and walk fast!!