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Why Government Workers Get a Bad Rap!

Have you ever overheard a conversation and just wanted to jump right in?

The young man was trying to impress the lady in the Tim Horton line up. A government worker in the CS category (computer specialist), he is a CS3 level. According to the Treasury Board website that lists government pay scales this young man earns a minimum of $63,900 out of the tax coffers. If you ever wondered where your tax dollars go, then listen to a government worker like this for 5 minutes. I read a CATA document that suggests the CS category of the Federal Government has grown from 8,000 to 18,000 since the year 2000. (As a little aside, if they really want to save money they should look very hard at the cost, productivity and ROI associated with this group instead of trying to nickel and dime their supplier community).

So ... back to the point. Mr. CS3 was complaining that his boss actually wanted him to do stuff that should really be done by a higher category person. "But wouldn't it be more rewarding to do more challenging work" says the young lady. "Hey show me the money" says our star, "Unless they pay me at that higher level I will just do what they pay me to do!"

He went on to complain about job security and the fact that all the jobs have terms of 6 to 9 months! JOB SECURITY ... what is that! I wonder if he ever heard about the layoffs on Ottawa, tens of thousands from the private sector ... that actually fuelled the growth in government employees? I wonder if he has heard of offshoring or if he knows that the private sector needs to actually make money in order to keep employing people. I wonder if he gets out every now and then?

So what would I like to do?

1. Kick his sorry ass!
2. Display him as a poster boy for why the government should outsource everything it can!
3. Find out where he works and see if I can replace him with a contractor that will do twice the work in half the time and, when you count all the loaded costs of this guy, will actually be cheaper!
4. Tell the young lady that this was not Mr. Right ... but she already knew!
5. Maybe I should apply for a job there!!!!

Let me add a disclaimer! I personally know many people who work for the Federal Government and I would not want their jobs. They work long and hard, butting up against a bureaucratic system that seems to throw roadblocks to productivity at every turn. These are the good ones ... unfortunately there are way too many Mr. CS3s!