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Be Part of the Solution!

I think everyone in the world must have heard this saying by now ... "Be a part of the Solution and not a part of the problem". For most people it is a question of hearing, but not really understanding the importance of this advice.

Most people want to do their best ... they do not set out to rock the boat, or deliberately sabotage their employer. Sometimes people lose their motivation, or feel that they have been "hard done by" and they let that affect their performance and in doing that they do become a part of the problem.

My advice to anyone is to always take a positive attitude to the job, assume your boss is trying their best too and assume that everyone is pulling in the same direction. If and when a situation arises that causes concern then discuss it rationally with your boss.

Recognize that there will always be something in your work environment that could be better! If you take a positive attitude, seek to understand why things are this way and make positive suggestions for improvement then you will be appreciated (part of the solution).

If on the other hand you fly of the handle, react emotionally, leap to conclusions or just slip into a negative attitude then you will also be recognized but this time as a part of the problem.

So many times people, through adversity, have the chance to shine ... but miss the boat because they let the little things get to them and don't take time to understand.